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Factory Invoicing

User Flow Mapping and Wireframes

The Problem

Maker’s Row is a marketplace that connects designers (referred to as “brands”) with factories in the United States. The aim of this project was to improve the experience of users on both sides of the Maker’s Row marketplace by introducing an invoicing/payment feature. We hoped to give brands peace of mind in knowing that the transactions that they made through our marketplace would be secure.

Factory Experience

And we wanted to provide factories with a basic, easy to use software that could replace the analog systems that many of them struggled to maintain.Working closely with factories to understand the types of information they would need to receive with each transaction in order for their business to run smoothly we mapped out a simple first iteration of this product that utilized a 3rd party payment processor (WePay) which allowed us to keep our transaction fees competitive for our brands.

Brand Experience

We started this project by researching a variety of payment processing platforms, and talking with our factories to better the types of information they needed in order to successfully complete and record a transaction.